Pomai, a resident of Kekaha Kaua'i, local individual who finds joy in spending time with loved ones and embracing the beauty of the outdoors. With a deep appreciation for adventures, Pomai cherishes every opportunity to explore and create lasting memories with friends and family. In addition to her love for outdoor activities, Pomai is the proud owner of The Tiny Wahine business. What started as a hidden talent for arts and crafts quickly blossomed into a beloved hobby, eventually transforming into a successful small business. Through her creative endeavors, Pomai brings a touch of local charm  to her community. However, Pomai's biggest achievement lies in being a devoted mother to her two beautiful daughters, Jhayda and Jhayzlyn. As a mother, she finds fulfillment in nurturing and guiding her children, ensuring they grow up surrounded by love and support. With a passion for simplicity, cuteness, and local charm, Pomai continues to embrace life's adventures while leaving a positive impact on her community and the lives of her loved ones.